Could Steve Breaston return to Pittsburgh with the Steelers?

Could Steve Breaston return to Pittsburgh with the Steelers?

So far during the off-season I have mentioned multiple times that the Steelers may have to dip into free agency for a few players this off-season. One position that could use an upgrade is wide receiver; especially with Mike Wallace almost guaranteed to leave as a free agent.

Today the Kansas City Chiefs release receiver Steve Breaston. Breaston played for Todd Haley in Arizona and then followed him to the Chiefs. He is a prototypical slot receiver and has return abilities as well. During the 2012 season Breaston was listed multiple times as a healthy inactive and finished the season with only seven receptions.

During his time with the Cardinals and Chiefs under Haley Breaston was a consistent receiver gaining at least 700 yards a seasons for four straight years. That run also included a 1000 yard season in 2009 when Breaston played as the number three receiver behind Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

Breaston, 29, would add two important things to the Steelers receiving core with his experience and ability to return kicks. Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders can also return kicks, but Brown is supposed to be focusing on becoming the number one receiver and Sanders has had injury issues. Therefore, keeping them off of the return game would be a positive.

The Steelers will need to try and add at least two solid receivers this off-season and one will definitely be drafted in April. Breaston would allow the Steelers to only have to draft one receiver and focus their other picks on different needs.

Also, with the Steelers salary cap issues Breaston would be a perfect fit. He may want to play under Haley once again and after a very poor 2012 season he won’t be able to demand much money in free agency. Last year Haley brought another one of his former players with the Chiefs and Cardinals to the Steelers in the form of Leonard Pope. So it’s not hard to imagine that Haley may want to Breaston to another team and try and get him back to form in 2013.


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