Meet Our Staff

Meet the people who make it happen here at Pittsburgh Sporting News!


Brian Gossett

Brian is the Founder and Owner of Pittsburgh Sporting News.

Michael Waterloo

Michael is the director of content and Co-Owner of Pittsburgh Sporting News

Joanna Hanlon

Joanna is the Assistant Editor and Administrative Assistant.

Matt Shetler

Matt is a staff writer. He enjoys long walks along the Monongahela River.

Jon Pennline

Jon is a staff writer. He enjoys anything David Hasselhoff related.

Matthew Welch

Matthew is a staff writer. He rooted for WVU in the backyard brawl.

Dom Errico

Dom is a contributing writer. He’s a professor in Pittsburgh Sportsology

Sam Bojarski

Sam is a contributing writer. Hacky sack is his favorite pastime.

Jeffrey Snedden

Jeff is a contributing writer. He has been thrown out of every bar on East Carson Street.

Drew Brown

Drew is a contributing writer. He bleeds black and yellow.


Gar Bercury

Gar is a freelance writer. He eats 3 Primanti sandwiches a day.


Kyle Curry

Kyle is a freelance writer. When he’s not writing, he’s drinking Yuengling.