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Mar 24, 4 years ago
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Pittsburgh March Madness – South Side Region

Yesterday, the North Side Region started off the voting for the Pittsburgh March Madness bracket.

While most of the match ups went to the favorite, there was one upset as No. 10 seed Mike Lange took down No. 7 seed “Badger” Bob Johnson.

The following sports figures advanced into the round of 32:

#1. Mario Lemieux

#8. L.C. Greenwood

#5. Mike Ditka

#4. Hines Ward

#6. Jack Ham

#3. Jack Lambert

#10. Mike Lange

#2. Honus Wagner

Today begins the voting for the South Side Region. Can “Mean Joe” Green make it through to the end with his No. 1 seed?

Cast your vote below to send eight more to the round of 32.


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Michael Waterloo

Michael is an editor and an occasional columnist.

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