Bikini Hockey League: Puck Bunnies Unite

Bikini Hockey League:  Puck Bunnies Unite

Look out, Lingerie Football League. If you’re a red meat eating, testosterone-filled dude, or just a Canadian, then this is probably the greatest idea you’ve ever heard of (at least until someone invents the beer sandwich). Bikini-clad women trying to pull off a back heel toe-drag? Sign me up.

The format of the league is actually quite different. Rather than just being a sporting event, it’s attempting to pattern itself after a reality show. There will be two teams of 10 players each, and they will all be put up in Tulsa, Oklahoma mansion. Unfortunately for purists, they will be playing roller hockey, since ice hockey poses obvious issues. Basically, it’s every reality show you’ve ever seen, except with attractive women playing hockey.

It’s very interesting that they have decided to take this route, as opposed to framing it as a traditional sport. It caters to two key demographics: young people who enjoy partaking in the superfluity of shows like Big Brother and Teen Mom, and 18-30 year old guys (OK, let’s be honest, more like 13-30). This gives the show a certain flexibility that something like the Lingerie Football League simply doesn’t have.

And make no mistake, some of the prospects have legit skills. Take Erin Honto for example. Honto was once named to a junior Olympic hockey camp in Lake Placid. Other prospects have played Division I college hockey. So they’re certainly not just bringing people in off the street. My only hope is that the goalies at least get to wear full padding; otherwise they run the risk of some very uncomfortable injuries.

As of now, there is no timetable on when the show may begin, but given the amount of people frothing at the mouth for hockey, it may come sooner rather than later.

Live long and prosper, hockey friends.


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Kurtis Savage

Kurtis is a contributor for Pittsburgh Sporting News.

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