Who do Steelers fans love to hate?

Who do Steelers fans love to hate?

With Valentine’s Day now upon us, everyone wants to talk about love. The Pittsburgh Steeler’s fan base isn’t one that’s known for its love and affection of other team’s players. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the players that Steelers fans just love to hate.

Tom Brady – There’s just something about Tom Brady that drives Steeler Nation wild. He’s always played pretty outstanding against the Steelers for the most part. He has an arrogance about him that most opposing team’s fans just cannot stand.

Ray Lewis – This is a no-brainer. With Lewis’ soon departure from the NFL, all fans can agree that he was a great player on the field. But when you put the Ravens and the Steelers on the field together, there’s not a player that fans want to hate more than Lewis. He’s the leader of the Ravens’ defense, a defense that battles the Steelers’ defense just about every year for the top spot amongst defensive rankings. It’s hard to like a guy who’s always against you year after year after year.

Philip Rivers – Steelers fans have a hard time getting over how much Rivers is praised over Ben Roethlisberger. Though Roethlisberger has the rings, Rivers is somehow always talked about as being a better quarterback and that just irritates Steeler Nation, as it should.

Roger Goodell – While he’s not a player, he plays a big part in the hate department for the Steelers. He’s constantly fining and suspending James Harrison for questionable hits. He’s been determined to make Harrison an example and that, obviously, rubs Steelers fans the wrong way.

TJ Houshmanzadeh – Everyone remembers when he shined his shoes with a Terrible Towell. That’s all it takes for Steeler Nation to hate someone. He and former teammate Chad Ochocinco always caused headaches for the Steeler defense, but even with that came a little bit of respect. All of that was thrown out the window when he disrespected one of the most precious things a Steeler fan can own.

There are more players that Steeler Nation loves to hate, I’m sure. These are just a few to bring back some memories and rouse up some football energy in the off-season. This list also didn’t include guys who once donned the black and gold that Steelers fans didn’t take kindly to, aka Kordell Stewart.

Drop us some comments on who you think that all Steelers Fans love to hate.


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Matthew Welch

Matthew is a freelance writer for Pittsburgh Sporting News.

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